The original Professional all screen enclosure using our own and imported quality materials. Our mesh is of the highest standard both for durability and visibility without rusting. Pro-Flo also come with a 4mm ABS base which is screwed onto the enclosure.


As the Pro-Flo but supplied with the Hydro-Flo base and 1 or 2 misting wedges of your choice.


As the Hydro-Flo but has built in substrate insert and solid back panel. Supplied with 1 or 2 misting wedges of your choice.


These are supplied using the same enclosure aluminum profile with 12mm moisture resistant MDF drilled with a 44mm center to allow for the waste plug to fit through.

Custom Pro-Flo Vivariums

custom viv

We can offer custom designs from our Pro-Flo range up to 48″ x 24″ x 48″.

Visit our Work In Progress gallery for more ideas on how we can help and contact us with your requirements.